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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unified Communications

Early in the morning, I was thinking about what Unified Communication could do to our lives? Seems quite interesting as I am building portions of it already without really paying attention to the point of view of consumption of these services as a user! It can be really make things a lot more easier and interesting for us! The fact that these things are focusing on solving the issue that is born due to the innovations of new techno-research and the outcomes of these research. Formalizing a single channel of communication for voice, video, data and presence of a person at any point in time via one mechanism or the other is truely huge.
I started in this unified information channel path almost nine years ago with my first startup which was addressing triple-play. I was too early and too ambitous and ya'll know what happened to the late nineties broadband market. Smart people cashed out and the ones that wanted to deliver a real product died.
I am actually proud and happy about what I do., I help people in making their lives simpler. That's it!