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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Collaborative technologies for the Enterprise....

The new rise of collaborative needs within the enterprise has awakened the creativity in me once again. I had sort of given up hope in the area's of unified communication and collaboration but it seems like a renewed interest has arrived. The opportunities and needs within an enterprise is even more now. I see more and more room to innovate in this area and build solutions that are needed for businesses. I strongly feel that the consumer networking or social networking has failed to develop as a business other than advertisement (Not the discredit what the likes of Facebook and Linkedin are doing with sheer ad based revenues but the sustainability of these businesses apart from advertisement just does not exist). The social/consumer networking segment is an effective but only a channel for advertisement. Difficult to build up a case of another advertisement based channel in this day and age.

Small, Medium and Large enterprise is where money and opportunity always existed and will always exist. Just different delivery mechanism is required and such is the need today.


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