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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Collaborative Technologies for the Enterprise: II

Following on to my previous blog post, the train of thoughts in the next generation collaboration of technologies for business consumers to gain is not going to come from the likes of Cisco, Microsoft or even Google for that matter. It is the small, new and the innovative startups that will seek new ways to merge pieces of technology components to come up with communicative methods to collaborate.

Email has already been stretched quite a bit in many areas and I strongly believe more will come. (Just connected with a new startup called Rapportive who are building a nice little plugin to Gmail and believe that they have plans to go to email software. They replace the Gmail ads with the social activities of the your contact. I think their is a lot of improvements and enhancements that they have to do to actually show value but they are on a good path ;-)). And their are many more ...

Presence has not been proliferated constructively and creatively yet. I think their are a whole bunch of applications that will benefit from them and probably another 5-7 startups that can be formed building applications in those areas.

Voice and Video are obvious ones and have been penetrated to a certain extent. Although the light and the obvious (with very less value) ones have been accomplished. More can be and will be done in the voice and video space.

Presence with voice is a key area where businesses will benefit a lot more and those areas still have a void. Lethargic companies like Oracle, NEC, Microsoft and even Google to some extent will not do much in that space beyond the obvious ones.

Another player that I feel very strongly about simply because they sit squarely in the middle of the business-consumer space is Amazon. They can do a whole lot although they don't do much. They are going after the mass market an mature segment only. (Jeff you were an innovator, what happened ???). Rackspace and GoGrid have just stopped doing anything innovative. Just email hosting and cloud-based server and storage hosting is not going to make you folks richer. Very soon cost differentials and the supposedly optimizations in operations is going to catch on and you folks will be one of the few hundred thousands out their.

Some of these players have potentials but either have slowed down due to the fears of the slow down in the economy or just can't figure out what next innovative and disruptive solution should be.

Chime in later for more data from yours truely.

Everybody likes to offer their 2 cents, I offer the remaining 98 cents to even out a dollar ;-)

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