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Monday, September 6, 2010

Seamless and Persasive Reach-ability

Connectivity and reach-ability is still limited today. Prime case and point; We have been spending the last couple days are Disneyland and I frequently find my cell phone running out of battery due to the emails that my devices keeps on polling and downloading. My wife has her cell phone and either her cellular device has better battery or she does not have an email over-load problem that I have. In either case she does not have so many emails to worry about.
I don't have any way to setup a control over my cellular system to transiently setup a reroute of my cell calls to her phone and it would be better if a selective reroute could be done while I am waiting in the queue for my Bob-sled ride.
I still need to have a secondary system that would reroute my call like Google Voice and then try to find the horrendous interface to easily help me set my reroute. Without so many location-based crap that multi-million dollars have invested upon people have still not identified that these would be more useful and of higher utility than telling people that I checked into a Winchill's Donut shop in Santa Monica Boulevard.
Communication and connectivity for business utility is still at its infancy.


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