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Friday, January 16, 2009

Microsoft's Gurdeep Singh Pall's top ten UC predictions for 2009

I read a very interesting article on No Jitter about Microsoft's Gurdeep's top ten UC prediction for 2009. Although, I do agree with most of the elements that were mentioned, nothing was new to me and I am assuming that anybody who ready about UC around times in 2008 would know this. What would have been nice from somebody of his position would have been some more insights of where the UC segment is today (as it developed in the last three years) and then what were the drivers for those factors that would be mostly acted upon in the year 2009.
We all know that businesses small and large need unification of he communication model with collaboration being more intensely desired within the businesses. It is also inevitable that consumers have also started desiring some of these capabilities especially when related to mobile phones, IM and emails. But the problem for the businesses is to figure out a way to create a solution that customers are willing to pay for. Companies like Microsoft will focus on how Exchange is why this planet revolves around the Sun (no pun intended). It will also make a strong case of how OCS and HMC is a dire need for everybody. Some parts of it may be applicable but they have completely missed the whole aspect of unification where businesses are looking to unify what they have rather than a whole new set of tools and applications altogether. Needless to say some other leagacies have also being chompping on the bits like NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle, etc but the angle is the same.
What businesses really needs is something that works with the most common solutions out their, should work with their emails (Gmail and its derivaties, Exchange, Zimbra, etc), theit phones whether it is through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Vonage, Comcast, etc and some of he applications which are mostly vertical domain specific.
Next when we get into collaboration we are in a different game. Now we starting picking apart the business productivity tools whether they are open source ones or from entreprise businesses and have them harmoniously interact with each other, happily understanding what each of them emit as output.
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