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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last MacWorld in 2009

It is a amazing that in this day and age Steve Jobs in the only man people follow for Apple's existence. No doubt Steve has done great things for the company multiple times, but their must be hundreds of hard working and dedicated people who have been very closely involved in delivering Apple's offering to the market over these many years and nobody else seems to get any recognition from the industry. I read the following post on MarketWatch along side others where Steve's health question is probed and many are predicting Apple's demise due to Steve becoming inactive and slowly parting ways with the company. Microsoft was said to have the same situation with Bill leaving a few years ago, but Bill had Steve Balmer and with some turbulence in the beginning Balmer has controlled the show quite well and now they have a good growth path ahead of them. What about Apple? Who after Jobs will have the job (no pun intended)? An outsider will be a bad idea but is their an insider who can come up and demand industry respect fast enough for company not to go through the potential turmoil. Apple has been a bell weather company and over the last few years have shown some great growth with good products. Yours truely has been converted into an avid Mac user as of six months ago when I walk into Apple store off of University Ave. in Palo Alto for the first time in my life and after using the MacBook Pro for he ten minutes was convinced that this is the laptop that I will use for my user work. The only other Apple product that I had before was the iPod which I pruchased for my eight year old for her birthday from Tokyo, Japan.
With all the rigidity that Apple has with its business like to the iPhone app store control (which is a very bad move form Apple and Google is working hard on capitalizing on this via its open forum app-developer for Android and Microsoft's Mobile open development model) the company still have some good offerings and should continue to do so. I hope for the sake of everybody the board of Apple and Steve put a succession plan soon.
What do you guys think?


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