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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Presence Proliferation

Exciting times for me as I am working on some cool stuff related to presence proliferation across multiple channels of communication. Would their be a way of routing communication traffic based on presence of the target node (super geeky, but I mean the presence of the recipient). The IP routing is done on routes that determine the end points, very mathematical but how real is it that we stay with the static end points all the time. User based routing of application traffic seems like a very good idea as now we determine where to send the traffic destined for the recipient and where he/she is currently based or can be actually reached. Presence and cross-domain presence can make this a reality.
"You mean my email would be send to my cell phone via a cell native communication mode since the network knows that I am not logged into by email now but am live on my cell?" How surreal? Is that really possible?
From where I am sitting in my techno-thought, yes it is! So these communication silos that exists like the cell phones, emails, SMS, IM, etc become transports only and means to an end. The network layer that can solve this problem will be leading the next generation. When talk to people about this, even very smart people, they don't get it. They think I am halucinating and I am on a SciFi mission. Here is the irony, I know how real I am and how fast I can get their. Definitely not a three month project that most of these Web 2.0 businesses try to achieve and what most investors want to see, but a long term game-changing play.

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